Things I learned by reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

After hearing how this book inspired the show, I knew had to read it.
  1. I love the idea of reading a long book, but this one took me almost 7 months.
  2. Hamilton was hardwired to never let it go. Ever.
    He really had no chill.
  3. I get that Burr was upset and insulted, but dude.
    Didn't know he was a serial philanderer either.
  4. Eliza was a saint who somehow knew her husbands place in history.
    That pamphlet would have ruined most marriages.
  5. Until reading this book I never really understood Jefferson or Adams, I get it now.
    Truly great men act out of their time and see the future. Hamilton could, these guys could not.
  6. When Hamilton died he was $50k in debt. According to the calculator I found online, that's almost $1MM in today dollars.
  7. Eliza lived to 97 and was a national treasure when she passed.
    Live long enough and you too will have seen some things.
  8. Hamilton got worked by Maria and James Reynolds.
    Hamilton was smart, but was still a man. Perfection not possible. He was one hell of a flawed guy.
  9. Lin Manuel-Miranda is a creative genius.
    I don't know how he was able to do what he did from this text. It's an act of pure creative genius. I was regularly stunned by how he translated this story into something some entertaining. Astonishing.
  10. There has likely never been, or will ever be a greater American patriot than Alexander Hamilton.
    The America dream was kick started by this guy. And he never relented or never gave up on his vision for our union. Truly inspired and beautiful if not also a bit crazy.