Things we did in Canada this week

Took a week vacation and spend time in Toronto and Niagsra Falls. Here's what we did with ourselves in no particular order.
  1. Second City. Some really funny moments, nothing gut busting.
  2. Ate Poutin. Yum?
  3. Saw the CN tower from every angle and every neighborhood in Toronto. You cannot escape it.
  4. Ate amazing Mexican food at the Distillery in Toronto.
  5. Saw Baby Driver in a packed theater. Got 5th place in Timeplay because I messed up on the star of the Dark Tower.
  6. Tried this on at Duty Free. Purchased much alcohol.
  7. Ate Beavertails. Yum! Also, busted a gut.
  8. Met up with Professor X and the gang at Casa Loma in Toronto
  9. Woof. Checked out this awesome fountain of dogs (and a cat) - Toronto.
  10. Walked across the rainbow bridge and straddled 2 countries at once.
  11. Took in the Falls. Did you know they have moved 7 miles in the past 12,000 years. Isn't that before God created things?
  12. Took a journey behind the Falls.
  13. Had window washers outside both our rooms in Toronto and Niagara. What if it was the same guy both times?
  14. Watched first 5 episodes of Orange is the New Black and wrapped up Bloodlines in Netflix.
    OITNB new season is crazy. Bloodlines... No spoilers but it was awesome.