There are lots of things you should not do on a flight, here are a few to avoid.
  1. Eat any sort of super garlicky food
    My flight smells like musty garlic bread and bad breath right now
  2. Yell "bomb"
    Funny in the movies, in real life not a great idea
  3. Listen to super loud music with terrible earphones.
    Thanks but, that is super annoying bro
  4. Talk the entire time to a whomever is next to you
    Small talk ok, 2 hours of becoming besties no thanks
  5. Flirt with airline attendants
    Seriously, as if they haven't seen super hotties before. You aren't all that.
  6. Getting on the wrong flight
    When they say to make sure you are on the right flight, do it. No one wants to deal with you when you realize you are going to Boise and not Vegas. Also, does that actually happen?