1. smocks
  2. Fargo
    The FX original, as I've never seen the movie nor have I ever been to Fargo, ND
  3. famous people's lists
  4. McDonald's Oreo McFlurries
  5. Sudoku
  6. obnoxiously adorable/ ironic silicone iPhone "cases"
  7. never wearing makeup
  8. doting over my agenda and never writing in it cuz frankly I'm not that busy lately
  9. mulling over not being busy lately
  10. using face wipes to "wash my face" because I can't be bothered to stop in to Lush and buy more Movis
  11. Maria Semple
  12. reminiscing about sleepovers with my BFFs staying up til (OHMYGOSH WE'RE SO ADULT) 130am watching the Lion King and eating Swedish Fish
  13. barre class
    I mean you know, when my ankle wasn't broken and I wasn't encumbered by a cast
  14. laughing maniacally during Moone Boy