Things I Wish I Could Tell My 14 Year Old Self About My Life Now

  1. Sometimes, you get free books at work
  2. There are two really good pizza restaurants right near your house
  3. Your boyfriend is the kind of guy who buys those big art books you see sometimes
  4. You get to write things and sometimes people really like what you write and send you nice messages about it
  5. Your best friends are a gay guy and an experimental cook book author
  6. Don't worry, you will get to kiss a bunch of guys and you'll be pretty good at it.
    Not so much about my life right now (only kissing one guy), but I think this is what my 14 year old self would have liked most to hear.
    Suggested by   @ladyprofessor
  7. Those people you miss so achingly, whom you know to be so integral to who you are? They are back in your life. They will always be in your life. They love you as much as you love them. It's not an illusion.
    Suggested by   @bookishclaire