Inspired by @michael_circa91
  1. Toy Story 3
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    I openly wept at the final scene as I was also preparing to leave for college and it hit a chord REALLY hard.
  2. Inside Out
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    Should've expected an amazing movie that would punch me square in the emotions, but it caught me off guard. And I cried
  3. How To Train Your Dragon 2
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    When Hiccup's own dragon kills his father I cried. When the evil giant dragon kills the good dragon by impaling him with his horns I cried. When the band of mind controlled dragons destroy the entire town of Birk I cried.
  4. Coraline
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    Legitimately disturbing, but also an ending that was so heart warming... I cried
  5. Air Bud
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    I saw this much later in my life than I should have but it still just killed me with the bully coaches and abusive clowns, luckily friendship prevails, and when it did I cried.
  6. Spirited Away
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    It was so weird in the most amazing and best kind of way. One of my favorite movies of all time. I didn't cry but it shook me up when she helped her river spirit friend and was finally able to get her parents back.
  7. The Rescuers
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    I was actually a child when I saw this and I was not at all prepared for the heavy stuff that happened.
  8. The Brave Little Toaster
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    Also a child when I saw this and the scene where the appliances get disassembled was horrifying. When you anthropomorphize appliances they are no longer perceived as appliances! That's the whole point!! So don't go and torture anthropomorphized things and think it's ok for a kids movie!!!
  9. Narnia: Prince Caspian
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    When Aslan was all like Peter and Susan will never return I was all like POR QUE?!? (Because I was the Susan in my family). Also the Regina Spektor song at the end did not need to attack my like it did.
    Suggested by @marymurphy
  10. E.T.
    I was so hysterical after seeing this movie at age 6. I wailed, "Whyyyy did he have to go back hoooome? Elliott loved him sooooo much!" all the way home. Also, the dudes in the hazmat suits were not okay with me.
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  11. Wreck-It Ralph.
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    Ralph destroying Vanellope's kart was way more violent than it had to be. This scene tore me to shreds.
    Suggested by @khaleesi