Inspired by @THEdonna
  1. Mongols
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    Mongols and nomads of the Asian Steppe have had my attention for well over 6 months and I'm still very much interested in the culture and way of life that is 100% different from my own. Communist, nomadic, Asian, Muslim and tengrist not to mention living on the opposite side of the world. Mostly this was through the amazing lens of Tim Cope. Features in this photo.
  2. The Mechanical Computer
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    A computer developed during the 1830's by a man named Charles Babbage that was entirely comprised of gears. You would enter in a sort of punch card that would initiate a program for a mathematical calculation. His friend, Ada Lovelace, saw beyond mathematics and comprehended the potential computers had to do just about anything. Charles Babbage was a bit eccentric and just got tired of the machine and moved onto other ideas, but it's interesting to think of a world with steam powered computers
  3. The Ourang Medan
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    One of the strangest and most haunting shipping accidents. Still an unsolved mystery.
  4. The Presidential Race
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    It probably isn't really that imperative to start following the candidates so early, but I want to be sure I am informed when I cast my first vote for president.
  5. How Mad Men doesn't have to deal with copyright issues every time they present a real company.
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    This was pretty interesting especially with Jaguar, who they gave a very negative representation of, basically companies expect audiences to understand these are fictional representatives of their company over 50 years ago. Also they don't mind the free commercials literally being created on the show.
  6. Recently Extinct Animals
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    Pretty sad and mostly our fault as humans, but humans may also be responsible for bringing some species back into existence pretty soon so that's kinda cool. The Tasmanian Tiger is featured
  7. The NFL
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    Basically fantasy football research. This one I definitely over analyzed.
  8. Proof of Aliens
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    I wanted to see some compelling evidence so bad, but it's just not out there. The most intriguing event was the Battle Over Los Angeles 1942, look it up!
  9. Middle Earth
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    It's just crazy how deep this world goes. If you have any question about how anything works Tolkein has written it down. It is a totally complete world that is easy to get immersed in and fall in love with. Brilliant.
  10. Nicola Tesla
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    The most under appreciated man of the last century. We owe electricity to his genius. Also Edison is the worst, see Top 5 Jodes list.