Christian kids with Christian parents have a unique struggle with being prohibited from activities that other kids may deem normal. I wasn't exactly not allowed to do things that were considered wrong, just strongly discouraged from doing them.
  1. Make sure to set the timer for 30 minutes!
    I wasn't allowed to play video games for increments greater than 30 minutes. This was strongly enforced, and lead to a few things. First, I got pretty good at certain video games because I had no time to fool around, I was focused and determined. Second, I changed the timer that I had to set on the oven 5 or 10 minutes back when it was about to go off, or had my sister do it. Third, I continue to this day to have a really hard time pulling myself away from a great video game.
  2. You really shouldn't be playing around with those Pokemon.
    Due to the, supposed, fact that many if not all Pokemon were named after demons. Years later I found out this was a huge myth that had literally demonized a great game that I still feel a bit uneasy to play.
  3. Harry Potter is making light of witchcraft which is SERIOUS.
    Ok dad, true, witchcraft is serious, but what my parents would deem witchcraft was practiced by "bad" wizards and condemned by "good" wizards. My argument over and over again. I ended up reading the series anyways and was almost upset when I didn't really find it that intriguing and moved on to other books like, Monster Blood Tattoo, that didn't draw as much scrutiny from my disgruntled father. Which is weird.
  4. You've already been sick once this year.
    I was only allowed 1 sick day a year.
  5. Is this movie rated R?!
    Unless they had Clint Eastwood or Bill Murray in them. My dad really liked those guys and they could do no wrong. I have to admit that he was right.
  6. Go out for football, it's good for you.
    I always had to be in at least one sport. I actually really liked this rule.
  7. It's time for devotions!
    Devotions was a daily routine I learned to actually appreciate but maybe that was because if you complained you had to, "stand at attention for 30 minutes." (If any direct order from a parent, particularly my dad, was disobeyed you had to either stand at attention or put your knees up on a chest which is much worse than it sounds. Either of these would be for about an hour at most. Sometimes the best strategy is to leave you with your own thoughts on what you did.)
  8. Guten Morgen meinen kleine Jäger, it's time to run!
    From 1st to 6th grade I had to get up well before school every day of the year and run with my dad. I hated it, not the running part, the morning part, but I got good, probably because no other kids my age ran as much as I did. When my dad realized this he took me to a lot of races and I won the fox valley run 3 years in a row for my age group. I still like running, but prefer to do it at night. Also my dad woke me up with German phrases this one was his favorite, good morning my little hunter.