Requested by Mary


I'm sure I will be making additions to this in the future, but this so what I have so far.
  1. The smell and feeling of being on the edge of the ocean.
    I've only been to the ocean twice in my life, being from the Midwest, and there is something about it that feels very different from Lake Michigan. Just knowing that you are on the edge of an incomprehensible amount of water and unknown ocean life is enough to leave an impression to last a life time.
  2. Looking at old or detailed maps.
    In contrast to my first thing, this one is one that I get to have on a fairly regular basis and have for most of my life. Looking at made up maps reminds me of humanities ability to create and the more extensive and thought out the world is the more I appreciate it. Looking at old maps makes me realize how different the world looked not that long ago and how different it may look in the near future. The ocean floor and distant habitable plants could be additions to humanity's cartography.
  3. Routine
    There's something inexplicably comforting about the certain
  4. Clinging to warmth in a cold place.
    Winter brings some wonderful pleasures, one is being wrapped in a blanket with a dog at your feet in a cold room with a dim light emanating with a fire flickering in the corner.