These were horrible informative oversights by my parents. Don't make their same mistake with your children.
  1. Getting The Wind Knocked Out Of You
    Yeah, I thought I was going to die!
  2. Sleep Paralysis
    I thought a demon was messing with me! Which, oddly enough, is what they thought it was in medieval times.
  3. Limbs Falling Asleep
    I fell asleep on my arm, woke up and couldn't move it. Tears streaming down my face I explained to my parents that my arm would have to be amputated.
  4. Bloody Noses
    I knew about this one when it happened to me, but I can imagine it would be pretty scary to have blood start leaking out of your face and not know why.
  5. Human Races
    My brother was the victim here, or maybe it was the black guy at the grocery store who had a white kid look up at him and back at his family and remark, "That man is black all over!"