5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

I'm sure out of context some of these could be pretty interesting.
  1. Typical work night
    I'm a DJ for a living. This photo was taken at Duffy's in Chicago the last time I played there
  2. Good book
    I took a photo of this book to recommend to a friend. It's part 1 in a 2 part series about the Giallo film genre. I still need to pick up part 2.
  3. Fake baby
    I'm currently in pre production for a short film I co-wrote and will be directing. I need a dead baby prop for the movie. Marcus Koch (the fx legend) sent me this as an example of what he'll be making for my film
  4. Blade Runner
    My dad worked on the movie Blade Runner and as a result has a couple props. This is a set of hand painted "magazines" from the film. They were used in the scene where Harrison Ford is eating noodles.
  5. 3 Chicago DJs
    This is a shot of me with my brothers in music Xonic and Augie De LaRosa (I'm on the right) I'm not sure what party or even club this was. Gigs blur with time. But the parties are always fun when you get the three of us in a room