Last 5 DVD/Blu Ray purchases

I'm an avid collector of films, particularly cult and horror. These are the last 5 gems I've acquired.
  1. Bride of Re-Animator - Arrow Video
    I'm a nut for Arrow and their love of the cult films. This is another special edition DVD/Blu Ray combo that comes with 2 versions of the film: R-Rated and the new Unrated, as well as a prequel comic book and oodles of special features. This limited run is currently OOP despite having just come out
  2. Blood Feast 2 - Arrow Video
    Finding an uncut version of this film in the US has become difficult and the company that released it doesn't have nearly the features of Arrow's release. It also comes with a great poster. The downside, this is region 2/B and requires a multi region DVD player
  3. The Case of the Scorpion's Tail - No Shame
    This Sergio Martino classic is an absolute must for any collector of the Giallo genre. The dvd is light on features but this OOP gem is the only copy available in a DVD or Blu Ray format. Simply put, if you wanna watch this, you have to track down a copy of this edition.
  4. American Horror Project Vol. 1 - Arrow Video
    I could go on for hours about the love and attention that went into this release. To keep it succinct, it's a selection of 3 mostly unheard of horror gems. Some so rare, they required multiple reels to restore. The films are all very different from one another yet fit well into this package. A must for the deep horror collector.
  5. Schramm - Barrel Enertainment
    This is a purchase that aggrivated me. Up until recently this was the only release available of this film. Literally a couple weeks after I track it down, Cult Epics releases it on Blu Ray along with a Jörg Buttgereit collection of all his films including soundtracks. Odds are I will be buying this again soon to upgrade to blu.