A collection of my thoughts, findings, and anything I find interesting throughout the week, posted every Wednesday. Named after the Dr. Seuss book. Also just kind of a wacky guy.
  1. New thing I'm trying: Making my bed every morning. I've heard about this habit on podcasts and other sources. Many successful people do this in the morning as a simple routine to get a task completed and start their day.
  2. New place: Wistaria Tea House. This traditional tea house in Taipei is a big part of Taiwanese history, as the important leaders in government and academia frequently met here during the early stages of the nation. I had an oolong tea from Alishan Mountain, Taiwan. Wanna have tea more often.
  3. Favorite article: A Creator and Innovator by Jacob Feldman. The habits, traits, and life events that make Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis one of the best in college sports. http://www.campusrush.com/mark-hollis-michigan-state-athletic-director-1515447842.html
  4. Song on repeat: "Gasoline" by Alpine. Aussie indie rock band.
  5. Small project: Ranking the best Bond films of all time on the List App. BEST BOND FILMS