A collection of my thoughts, findings, and anything I find interesting throughout the week, posted every Wednesday. Named after the Dr. Seuss book. Also just kind of a wacky guy.
  1. New place: Hong Kong. The moment I stepped out to see the waterfront, I was inspired. It was probably the most magnificent skyline I've ever seen. The sun was setting, the light shows of the buildings commencing, and I felt like time had froze. HK is absolutely stunning and is a fantastic place to spend Christmas.
  2. Podcast I enjoyed: Wim Hof on the Tim Ferriss show. This guy is a super human. He can climb the tallest mountains in shorts, run a marathon in the desert with no water, etc. by being in total control of his nervous system. If he had a billboard that could say anything on it, it would say, "Breathe, mo********er!"
  3. Favorite article: "Jennifer Aaker: How to Feel Like You Have More Time" by Susan Greenberg. I ironically read this article right after I got back from Hong Kong. It's exactly what I experienced. Being in a state of awe, it feels like time slows down. http://www.gsb.stanford.edu/insights/jennifer-aaker-how-feel-you-have-more-time
  4. Quote of the year: "The greatest satisfaction in life is making a difference in somebody else's." -Sir Richard Branson
    It's been a transformational year for me, mainly because of the way I've strived to make an impact on people's lives. Through tennis coaching, charity activities, teaching English, and more have made me feel like I've had more of an impact on other people this past year more than any other. It's also a good measure on judging the quality of your life: how hard you work at making a difference in other people's lives.