My Thoughts Flying to Pittsburgh

6:30 am flight from Boston to Pittsburgh. Self-admitted anxious flyer. I'm an ammateur
  1. Can uber drivers really cancel on you when they've already arrived at your house?
    It's okay though the new guy played sorry by Justin beiber and I shamelessly sang along
  2. The gate is closed, who knew gates could be closed at 4 am, I just want to sit
  3. Frantically looking up the 3-1-1 rule because I thought I messed up. TSA scares me
  4. The guy who brings in the donuts for dunks looks very official Bluetooth, radio, and about 4 badges. I bet he has max security clearance
  5. I got the special treatment, I think it was my scarf but hey free breast cancer screening!
  6. I was the first one at the gate, does that mean I get to board first?
  7. Spotted 2 children under 5 on this flight. Don't test me kids
    Scratch that there's 3....
  8. I appreciate the effort with the Christmas music but it's a little early.
  9. Window seat
  10. That's a sunrise
  11. Here's where I passed out after trying not to freakput during take-off
  12. Initial descent
  13. Pittsburgh smells different than Boston, can't place my finger on it
  14. Cue celebration tiny yogurt!!