Parasites seem to be all over the news lately and I happen to be taking a class on them so needless to say I know the worst, the CDC can back me up
  1. Naegleria fowleri
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    This is what everyone calls the brain eating amoeba because it just that. You basically have less than a week to live if this little guy manages to get inhaled up your nose. It actually moves up your olfactory bulb nerves right up to your beautiful brain. Unfortunately there is no cure...
  2. Trypanosoma brucei
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    This blood dwelling trypanosome has 2 subspecies that cause what's known as African sleeping sickness. It's transmitted by the Tsetse fly so it's incredibly hard to control. In its most severe stage it crosses the blood brain barrier into the CSF and causes many neurological problems resulting in death. However if caught in its early stages, it's highly treatable
  3. Malaria (plasmodium)
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    This one should go without saying Plasmodium which has 4 species causes malaria. The worst of the four is falciparum, this quick moving parasite reproduces inside your red blood cells and before bursting from them which kills the cell. With so many dead blood cells, you run the risk of anemia as well as having them cause clots in your blood vessels which at its most severe can cause seizures and even strokes.
  4. Taenia solium
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    This guy was in the news recently when a young man was found to have this parasite in his brain but surprisingly this is uncommon for T. solium as its actually a tapeworm. However when you ingest the larval stage of this trematode larvae will bury itself out of the gut and can essentially travel anywhere in the body and encyst there. However this is extemely rare! And yes those are hooks on its "mouth"
  5. Leishmania
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    This parasite is of the trypanosome family and causes some pretty nasty diseases. One species targets your skin causing large oozing sores. The other 2 forms are much more debilitating one targeting all of your mucosal linings (i.e. Your eyes, nose, and mouth) causing permanent disfigurement and the last one attacks your visceral organs specifically the liver and spleen which is deadly