Things I Am Waiting for 🕗

It's not a lot but they're all a pretty big deal 😳
  1. Seeing my family
    Okay this ones part of spring break but I haven't seen my family since before Christmas LITERALLY since 2015. Words cannot describe how excited I am.. And on top of that I'll be going to watch my little sister at her state gymnastics competition! This was our very first family selfie. Countdown: 4 days 1 hour and 32 min
  2. Spring break
    This is actually my last spring break ever but it's also going to be the first spring break I'm not working my life away!! In fact I'll be spending it learn how to ski 😊⛷ countdown: 6 days 18 hours 42 min
  3. Graduation
    I can't believe I'm almost done with undergrad but at the same time I can because I worked my ass off! This is going to be so sweet when it's over, maybe even a little bittersweet...but probably not...pic of me graduating hs btw. Countdown: 68 days 14 hours and 29 min
  4. PA School
    Holy shit, I can't even believe this happened. I have never been so excited, terrified, and anxious for anything in my entire life. Not only am I following my dream but I'm also picking up absolutely everything and moving to a city where I know no one. Excuse me while go hide under my bed. Countdown: 162 days 14 hours 17 min