Top 10 Pastas: A Ranking

I'm Italian so I'm an expert 🇮🇹 go and eat to your hearts desire
  1. 10.
    Note: this is just the worst of the best food in the whole world! The shape does nothing for the sauce and the texture just feels weird in your mouth.
  2. 9.
    Diameter is too thick and it's always a little big for the fork. Also the wrong sauce either falls right off it or congeals onto the surface making it hard to get through, not my favorite
  3. 8.
    A favorite for most American dishes, would love to rate this higher but it just looks so boring and there are so many more fun options you could use
  4. 7.
    Don't get me wrong, I love a good Alfredo or scampi, but with its thickness, fettuccine is hard to cook and it takes way longer than spaghetti and angel hair. If you are impatient, avoid this one
  5. 6.
    This name actually means butterfly! Everyone loves the bow ties, their little and cute and versatile. They work well both hot and cold. My only complaint, they are also a little tricky to cook because the center is so much thicker than the sides.
  6. 5.
    This is also a very popular one in American dishes and why the hell not! The spirals are shaped so that chunkier/meat sauces often pair well with this. I would recommend this pasta for primavera or American chop suey (goulash to you Midwesterners)
  7. 4.
    This one is classic Italian (🐶🍝🐩) it's weightier than angel hair and faster to cook than linguine making it the ideal long pasta. It's also great to throw into a skillet with your sauce at the end of cooking so it absorbs some of that saucy goodness 😌
  8. 3.
    They're super fun to eat and are also super versatile. They also go with a variety of sauces. They're also lighter which makes them the best choice for a summer pasta salad. Also have you ever seen the gif of it being made, mesmerizing as hell!
  9. 2.
    Penne rigate
    This ones important because it must have the ridges, that really helps the sauce (i.e. flavor) stick to it. I love penne rigate it's like my committed relationship pasta. Always there when you need it and just feels like home. I take the mezze size and use it for Mac and cheese 😇
  10. 1.
    Obviously this would be the best one because I have never met a person that didn't love shells. The big ones can be stuffed, the medium ones hold the perfect amount of sauce, and the mini ones make Annie's Mac and cheese the delicious cheesy heaven it is - not to mention they're adorable!