Video Games I've Watched My Boyfriend Play

For the record I have not played these nor should my opinion matter on how good they are because I know nothing about what makes a game good, BUT these are games he has played that I enjoy watching
  1. Bloodbourne
    Also from the dark souls series. The better of the 2 if you ask me. The story is excellent and its stylistically very well done. Very dark and gory but has the same "you're-always-in-danger" feel. Probably my favorite video game, best story.
  2. Metal gear solid
    Probably my #2 pick for best game I've watched. I love the story of Snake and big boss etc. and everyone just gives 0 fucks about self-preservation. There's so much to the story and the weapons you can get on side missions are awesome. Also I have the phrase "THIS IS PEQUOD!" stuck in my brain forever.
  3. Titan fall
    Probably the first video game I watched where I actually paid attention to the story, which is pretty good. But I do think it's much cooler that Titan robot thingies and you get inside them and fuck shit up.
  4. Dark souls II
    When I actually found out they were releasing a remastered version with extra content I got pretty excited. Cool story and most of the time you die under the most random, inexplicable circumstances.
  5. Dark souls (the original)
    Same as dark souls 2 with worse graphics, tbh it was a little boring only because he was playing it fast because it was his 6th time playing it through
  6. Assassins creed: pirates
    Lame. I dislike assassins creed for many reasons but one being your only having fun if your playing it, which I have and then the story's just meh. I feel like you get lost doing meaningless tasks and it just loses your attention. Sorry.
  7. Coming soon: fallout 4
    My boyfriend already told me he's going to break-up with me to spend all his time playing this game...oh well.
  8. Coming soon: dark souls 3
    My boyfriend said he would temporarily get back together with me to watch him play this one before going off the grid again and dedicating the rest of his days to considerate