Every year something old and something new but never ceases to amazes me...this happened to be my last college relay but, I'm so thankful for the experience and for everyone who helped me surpass my goal for the American Cancer Society
  1. Staying up really late the night before to practice for the actual thing
    This is essential for dog-people like me who run around exhausted for hours then crash in 2 min
  2. Sleeping in really late/watching Netflix all morning the day of before getting ready
    This is when no one is home and I watch my guilty pleasure shows really loud (wont reveal them here but maybe in another list 😜)
  3. Feeling the energy of the room
    From the minute you walk into the room!!!Hundreds of people walking for a common cause really inspires me (this wasn't even peak time)
  4. The table fundraisers
    Henna, bake sales, massages. cupcakes, haircuts for wigs, basically every club takes what they're good at and sells it. Not to mention the free samples from local businesses...the list goes on and on! Here's a chocolate mint Georgetown cupcake!!
  5. 10:30 Zumba
    Just when you're starting to fade a little, an opportunity to go crazy and pump up for a WHOLE HOUR! Sorry no picture I was too busy gettin my dance on trying to improvise because I'm short and can never see the instructor
  6. The talent
    Very blurry but behind me is a dance crew who was only one of many all night performances with theater and a Capella groups that just kept the crowd going all night
  7. Walking (duh)
    We literally walk ALL night, which when not thinking I actually CAN do for hours! Except this environment is safer than my neighborhood and eliminates the potential to get lost...
  8. Luminaria (of course)
    So much hope, inspiration, memories and honor all in one ceremony. I cry every year. The power from this hour is indescribable