(Versus the truth—that it's a really crappy, ill-fitting bunny costume).
  1. I think he's just wearing a flesh-colored scarf.
  2. I heard he got in a fight with a dog, that must be a scar.
  3. That might be an impostor bunny who's planning on stealing your creme eggs.
  4. That bunny is a little sleazy, he's just showing some skin.
  5. Maybe he had on a tight collar that rubbed his fur off.
  6. He must have been involved in an egg-boiling incident that burned off his neck fur.
  7. He might have an unconscious bad habit of pulling his fur out when he meets new kids.
  8. I heard that bunny fur often falls out from stress since it's his busy time of year.
  9. She's watching. Always watching.