All true. And all happened today. And I'm just there for party supplies.
  1. A 65-year old man spraying Glade lavender room spray on himself like cologne.
  2. A 10 year old boy running through the store screaming, "I don't have to act like a gentlemen, it's only the Dollar Store!"
  3. A woman in the toiletries aisle asking her friend, "do you think this shampoo can also be used as dish soap?"
  4. The barely understandable very country checkout dude, telling everyone 'bout his puurents 5th wheel in Tennessee.
  5. The early 20-somethings discussing whether or not they think the $1 pregnancy tests will work.
  6. The very disappointed child who wanted the $1 sticker pack but forget about tax. That's $1.10, little lady.