1. Alright, almost done with this.
  2. Existentialism isn't that hard, I'm just bad at taking notes.
  3. She said no interaction with any other thinking thing.
  4. I have no idea what the answers are to these last two questions.
  5. Oh snap! It's Opening Day!
  6. Ok, I can finish this before the Mets play.
  7. "Existentialism is the rejection, or reaction against, traditional philosophy. Explain."
  8. Umm... Let's check my notes.
  9. I'm pretty sure I have no notes on this.
  10. It's a two and a half hour class and she talks to fast.
  11. Oh wow, here's the answer!
  12. One more.
  13. Man, I'm so excited for baseball.
  14. World Series rematch on Opening Day! Same starting pitchers as Game 1. First time in MLB history that's happened.
  15. Ok, focus. Last question.
  16. Did Elizabeth break up with me yesterday?
  17. I don't quite understand her text she sent.
  18. Something about a dream she had. She never did answer my text back. She always does that.
  19. Tomorrow is going to be interesting.
  20. Yea, it's going to be real interesting if you don't finish this test.
  21. I mean, does she send a message and then throw her phone in the garbage disposal? How do you just never respond?
  22. Ugh, finish this test already.
  23. "The roots of Existentialism can be found in the contrast, event contradiction, between the Greek and Hebrew world views. Explain."
  24. I have no idea. Check the notes.
  25. Nope, nothing there.
  26. Text message: it's Elizabeth texting the track team's group chat.
  27. Oh, ok. I see how it is.
  28. I should text her.
  29. No, don't.
  30. Mets play in an hour.
  31. Why does she just ignore me like that?
  32. I'll see her tomorrow. She's killing me, man.
  33. You know what..
  34. This test isn't going to get done. Answering 19/20 questions is good enough.
  35. I don't really need this class to graduate anyway.