Inspired by @sam. My "theme" was pink and teal. It was 1997... Pink and teal was the old black.
  1. Ren and Stimpy
    I don't know if I even liked Ren and Stimpy, but this photo of me exists and since I've repressed pretty much every memory of ages 11-13 I just have to assume I was a fan.
  2. The Babysitters Club
    They were my only friends. IDEA: instead of dancing, we could curate the perfect kid kit
  3. Lisa Frank
    This would have been epic.
  4. The Limited Too
    Beloved by me for their clothes and their sticker booths. IDEA: instead of inflatable saxophones and glow sticks, VELOUR SCRUNCHIES FOR EVERYONE!
  5. Carbs
    they were all I ate.
  6. Stuffed animals
    I still played with them.
  7. Werewolf
    It was too obvious not to use.