Requested by @heatherv
after randomly stumbling upon an epic jazz funeral this week in New Orleans, I told @heatherv that the reason I get so mad when no one dances at concerts in Minneapolis is because people dance even at FUNERALS where I come from. I guess @heatherv is planning my funeral, because she requested this list.
  1. The Charleston
    Flapper costume optional
  2. The twisty hand move from Single Ladies
    If you could get Beyoncé in for a cameo, that'd be great
  3. The whip
    No nae nae, plz
  4. That part in Bye, Bye, Bye. You know what I'm talking about.
    So appropriate.
  5. Thriller
    The. Whole. Thing.
  6. The dance from the prom scene in She's All That
    You know, the one set to Rockefeller Skank by Fatboy Slim
  7. The Running Man