The good, the bad, and the bigoted.
  1. My high school had two homecoming courts: one black, one white
  2. A week off school every February for Mardi Gras
  3. "Now I understand why Hitler killed all the Jews."
    Direct quote (to me) from a boy who sat in front of me in sixth grade.
  4. Britney Spears billboards that said PRIDE OF LOUISIANA
    Always spray painted to say RIDE OF LOUISIANA
  5. My high school was on the cover of Newsweek magazine because of its epic anti-LGBTQ protest.
  6. You got free pizza at college events... We got free jambalaya
    God I miss mass produced jambalaya
  7. I had to say the Lord's Prayer before volleyball practice
    At my public school
  8. My computer science teacher wrote a book about abstinence that he encouraged his students to check out from him
  9. Spending New Year's Eve as a teenager in the French Quarter has made every other New Year's Eve a letdown
  10. A coworker who was a mom said to me "the first time I nursed my baby, it was so amazing that I knew, without a doubt, that there was no way we could have come from apes."
  11. Trees full of satsumas!!
  12. Working at a produce stand on MLK Day and realizing why so many white people were buying watermelons.
    What in the actual fuck
  13. Grocery shopping on Sunday morning is a DREAM because everyone is at church
  14. Every fall, year after year, the same fight: ITS OUR RIGHT TO FLY A CONFEDERATE FLAG AT OUR TAILGATE.
  15. My husband took a music class in college and for some reason- maybe to demonstrate a simple music term- the professor sang the Flintstones theme song.She ended the song, "We'll have a HMMM old time."
    Because you can't say the word gay in public to a bunch of impressionable young people!
  16. I graduated high school in a room where I would later watch college basketball games and volunteer with triage after hurricane katrina
  17. Despite all of its problems, there is something so special about south Louisiana
  18. And I think (hope) it is changing for the better
  19. And maybe one day it will be a place I want to live again