Don't be jealous, ladies.
  1. A few years ago, my husband (@hjgjhhh) said those 13 little words every woman is dying to hear
  2. "It turns out my great great grandfather was probably Jack the Ripper."
  3. My husband's dad had been doing some light weekend genealogical research
  4. (As one does)
  5. And discovered a few things about his great grandfather Jacob Levy
  6. 1. He was a butcher in Whitechapel (where all the Jack the Ripper murders took place)
    ( Butchers know a thing or two about knives)
  7. 2. He was admitted to an insane asylum with "mania"
  8. Once he was admitted...
  10. We may never know the truth
  11. If he contracted syphilis from a prostitute, there may be a motive.
  12. He used to steal meat from his employer
    (Apparently this is a clue)
  13. At worst, my husband's great great grandfather was Jack the Ripper
  14. At best, he was a syphilitic butcher.