Not your average set of fears.
  1. Being in a crowd
    and realizing that every single one of the hundreds or thousands of people has a lifetime of thoughts, stories, and ambitions floating around in their brain.
  2. Driving at night
    and glimpsing hundreds of lit up offices in one high rise office building. How many computers are in that building? How many printers? How many cables? How many pieces of paper? How much STUFF?
  3. Shopping at Target
    and seeing that they've changed out their merchandise for the second time that month. Where did the old stuff go? Where will this stuff go if it doesn't sell? What will all the people who bought the stuff do with it when they get tired of it?
  4. Flying
    and looking down over a city full of thousands of houses. If each of these houses has as much stuff as I do, and this is just one city, in one state, in one country, HOW MUCH STUFF IS THERE IN THE WORLD?
  5. Literally... STUFF is terrifying.
  6. 😰
  7. (Also "stuff" no longer looks like a real word)