I think I might be crazy, but I really love winter
  1. The way fresh snow somehow makes everything quieter
  2. Being the first person to walk on fresh snow
  3. The first few seconds of walking outside in negative temperatures is the epitome of invigorating
    (Eventually it hurts)
  4. The feeling of walking into a hot yoga studio from freezing temps
  5. That moment of relief after you catch yourself slipping on ice
  6. Holding a hot drink on a freezing day
  7. When the view out of your kitchen window turns into this
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  8. Bundling up on a Sunday morning and hustling, through snow, into a cozy restaurant for brunch
  9. Wearing your coziest pajamas and curling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream
  10. Putting your cold feet into warm slippers in the morning
  11. Soup, and basically not chewing for several months
  12. Going grocery shopping on your lunch break and leaving your groceries in the car
    I think this is the best part of winter
  13. Chilling wine in the snow right before a party
  14. That day in March, April, or May when a 40 degree day finally shows up on the 10 day forecast