More to come as I think of them. Add yours!
  1. When we had "funky hat day"
  2. When we had a "secret winter holiday friend" gift exchange so as not to offend anyone
  3. When someone left an anonymous note in the kitchen reprimanding whomever ate their pickles
  4. When someone earnestly told the story about his friend who knew twins named Orangejello and Lemonjello
  5. When I was tapped to write the copy on a No Smoking sign and it went through three revisions
  6. When someone bought air freshener for the bathroom and someone sent an all staff email, upset that the air freshener gave them a migraine
  7. When we got a new keurig coffee maker and everyone was so excited we ran out of our two week supply of pods in two days.
    Suggested by   @brittanytaylor
  8. When my boss came up to my desk in an elephant suit and said, "Hey, zip me up," then walked into a conference room down the hall to cheers.
    Never found out why.
    Suggested by   @stephani