1. Applebees
    Christine loves the Oriental Chicken Salad, and I'm a big fan of the Kickin Turkey Stacker.
  2. Outback Steak House
    Talk about a walk on the wild side! I've never been to Australia, but their take on food makes me have a "g'day!" That pumpernickel bread they serve with Surf and Turf is delightful! Just like my grandma used to make!
  3. The Olive Garden
    Real, authentic Italian food at unbeatable prices. And those breadsticks? Fugeddahboutit.
  4. Steak N Shake
    The just opened a new one off the highway. Did you know you can get a milkshake with S'mores in it? It's the niftiest thing.
  5. Cracker Barrel
    Good family food in a good family environment. I have to stop Christine from buying extra Christmas ornaments whenever we go. She's got a real habit.
  6. PF Chang's
    I wasn't the biggest fan of ethnic food until Christopher asked to go here for his 17th birthday. Boy was I missing out! Their authentic lettuce wraps are darn good, and I love that you get a fortune cookie after every meal!
  7. Ruby Tuesdays
    Love the decor! Great burgers and shakes, too. Reminds me of when I first started dating Christine all those years ago. Things were so much simpler back them.
  8. Cheesecake Factory
    We usually eat here at Christmas time when everyone's home. Their menu is about the size of a phone book, but way more delicious! Everyone leaves happy, and stuffed!
  9. Buffalo Wild Wings
    BW3 is my go-to spot if the Chiefs are playing the late game. Great wings, good-looking waitresses (din't tell Christine!) and authentic Chiefs gear on the walls! Who needs Canton when your can just go to BW3!
  10. Donatos Pizza
    One of these just opened up in our neighborhood. They cut their pizzas into squares, which is just delightful. I personally recommend the pepperoni!