Requested by @list
The Onion Audio Visual Club (or @TheAVClub as they say on the list website) recently said some nice things about me, but they referred to me as a parody account. Why?
  1. What's a parody account?
    Is that an account by @alyankovic or something? Because I sure do love that guy! "My Bologna" is one of my favorites!
  2. I guess I can create a parody song, too.
  3. How about "Kickstart My Fart?" That's a pretty good one!
  4. Or "All I Want For Christmas is Poo"
  5. "Paradise Kitty!" It's all about cats!
  6. I've got a good one! "She Drives Me Lazy"
  7. "We Didn't Start The Tire," and I sing about an auto body shop?
  8. Do one of you kids have access to a recording studio? We should record a couple of these!
    I've got a pretty good voice, and my friends André and Montgomery are great musicians! This could be fun!