1. 37" Samsorng TV!
    $12. They were practically giving them away at Best Buy! Sure, it's not a fancy name brand, but it's just as good!
  2. "Thrust by Miley Cyrus" perfume!
    $60. My daughter Michelle wanted this for Christmas. Thank god for Walmart!
  3. 15 copies of Gladiator on Blue Ray!
    $1 each! I'm giving these to everyone this year!
  4. Brand new Black and Decker Table saw!
    $99. Sure, I had to go to Home Depot, but I'm not sure I trust Menards any more after what happened this week.
  5. 80 gallons of Thrifty-brand ice cream!
    $.69 a gallon. I filled up our garage freezer. We'll have ice cream all year!
  6. 2XL Men's Sweaters, multiple colors!
    $7 each at Rochester Big and Tall. Have to look good for Christmas!
  7. A whole bunch of screwdrivers!
    $4 each. Home Depot had a whole bucket of screwdrivers on the way out! I'm lousy with screwdrivers now!
  8. 128-pack of MGD!
    $.50 a can. This should last me through New Years!
  9. Sub-prime home loan!
    Our local bank gave me a whole bunch of money to re-finance our house! And since the market is coming back, I'll be able to pay it back in no time at all! Those banks sure do look out for you!