I've seen a whole bunch of words on here that I don't quite understand, particularly from those girls Dana and Olive. Could you help me out, gang?
  1. Bae
    Is everyone misspelling bee? Are bees popular now? My buddy Dale has a bunch of them in his backyard. Makes his own honey!
  2. Fleek
    I haven't the faintest.
  3. #squad
    What's a pound squad, and why does my daughter keep talking about it? Should I be concerned?
  4. Fuckboi
    This one sounds a little dirty. Is he a rap singer?
  5. Basic
    Does this mean simple? Or is it a good thing? Do I want to be basic?
  6. Tinder
    My sons keep talking about this but I can't keep up. Is this how you meet girls?
  7. "Cookie" as somebody's name?
    Does Cookie Monster have a new show? I love that little guy.
  8. Sir racha
    It's all over the Subway near my business.
  9. Thirsty
    The only thing I'm "thirsty" for is my afternoon MGD while watching the Chiefs!
  10. Trigger Warning
    I don't even know where to begin with this one.
  11. Thot
  12. Grinder
    Donald said I should check it out and that I would really enjoy it. Is it that TV show?