1. Iron Eagle
    Love this movie! Lou Gosset is one bad dude!
  2. Saving Private Ryan
    Such a good movie. That scene in that beach is almost too much, but I love that Tom Hanks rescues Matt Damon! Take that Nazis!
  3. Rudy
    I have a soft spot for football movies (even tough Rudy went to Notre Dame - boo!)
  4. Tommy Boy
    The bees! I love busting out my Farley impression at church. It always kills!
  5. Caddy Shack
  6. Anchorman
    I love Rob Burgundy! And lamp!
  7. Remember the Titans
    That Denzel Washington sure is great, isn't he? Watch this one with André, Jordan and Montgomery all the time!
  8. Rocky
  9. Blazing Saddles
    That bean scene! And Mongo!