Christine and I got our tree yesterday, and have spent all morning decorating it! My wife isn't a fan of all of them, but here are my favorite ornaments!
  1. Someone's a naughty Santa! My son Tyler sent me this from Los Angeles. They sure do things... Differently out there!
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  2. Fra-GI-Lay! What a funny movie that is. We watch it every Christmas morning!
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  3. My cousin Merle sent me this pug ornament. Isn't it nutty?
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  4. My wife Christine made this out of the corks we found in our daughter Michelle's room after she left home for college.
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  5. We picked these up on a family trip to Myrtle Beach! Do you think flamingos know it's Christmas? I like to think so.
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  6. I picked these up from the Steak N' Shake near my office. Yum!
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  7. My friend Donald from the coffee shop gave me this guy last year. I guess that's where candy canes come from!
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  8. I love this one, because Christmas ain't over til the fat lady sings!
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