Requested by @biz
  1. Snow!
    Boy do I love snow! Always so much fun to run around in. But I'm not the biggest fan of shoveling it!
  2. Big Puffy Coats!
    My wife Christine found me a great one from Kohls for Christmas! It helps hide a few of my extra pounds, if you know what I mean!
  3. The Mandatory Drug Rehabilitation Clinic that my Daughter Michelle is Staying In!
    This is a new addition to the list. The counsellors at the center have been incredibly supportive of Michelle and of us. And they always find her when she tries to escape! That's just too-quality care.
  4. Playoff Football!
    Even though my Chiefs lost, it was a heck of an effort. Good job, boys!
  5. My wife Christine's new Range Rover!
    I wish I didn't have to go a literal hell on earth for her to get it, but MAN does that car haul ass! Perfect for freezing Kansas City mornings!