1. Big Bang Theory
    Bazinga! That Sheldon and his friend Leonard are just a hoot. And don't even get me started on that Jewish fella and his Indian pal!
  2. NCIS
    The best show on TV! Jethro Gibbs is "Da Man"!
  3. NCIS LA
    They make LA look so exciting new! Our oldest, Tyler, lives out there. One of these days we're going to go visit him. I need him to show me where they record this!
  4. NCIS New Orleans
    Solving crimes in the big easy. I wish more shows were in New Orleans. That seems like a swell town.
  5. Last Man Standing
    Christine and I got to see Tim Allen at the Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas a few years ago. That man knows comedy!
  6. Football
    All Sunday (after church). Especially if my Chiefs are playing!
  7. The Steve Carole Show
    I love Dwight! Beets! Gets me every time. I think it's nice that that smart fella started this app. It's a real good time.
  8. Leno
    Whatever happened to him? He was my favorite! That new guy, Jimmy, is pretty funny, but I really miss falling asleep to Jay.