Jackson County Corrections puts on an annual musical for the prisoners, and this year they decided to do Cats! Christine and I saw this one in New York years ago, and we both loved it! Since I'm locked away for the foreseeable future on account of the state thinking I murdered my wife (I didn't), I figured I might as well try out!
  1. Grizabella
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    Christine sure did love that song "Memory." I think it would be nice to sing it in HER memory!
  2. Rum Tum Tugger
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    I used to be in a band back in college. I could totally be the "rock star!"
  3. Bustopher Jones
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    I'll be the first to admit I've got a few extra pounds around the ol' waist!
  4. Carbucketty
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    I must have learned a thing or two about dancing after going to all of my daughter's recitals!
  5. Jennyanydots
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    If anyone is good at keeping the younger cats/prisoners in line, it's ol' dad!
  6. Mistoffelees
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    Last year, I was lead wise man in the church Christmas pageant! I think that experience would help me with Mistoffelees.
  7. Rumpleteazer
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    The other inmates keep telling me I'm the "prettiest one in here." I'm not sure I approve of that, but this would be a great character to show off in!
  8. So, what do you say? I think I make a pretty great cat!
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