1. Handed out treats to neighborhood kids!
    Christine insisted we give out raisins and mini-toothbrushes this year. The kids weren't the biggest fan of that!
  2. Watched "Gone Girl" with Christine!
    This movie scared the bejesus out of me! Christine loved it, though. She smiled the whole time! It think it got her creative juices flowing, because she kept writing in her day planner the entire movie. Love when my wife is inspired!
  3. Talked to our daughter Michelle for an hour while she was "tripping her dick off."
    Michelle must have been at some wild party, because she called me at three in the morning to tell me how much she loved me! Always good to hear that from your daughter, no matter what time of day it is!
  4. Cleaned egg and toilet paper off the front of our house!
    Those kids did NOT care for the raisins and mini-toothbrushes we handed out.
  5. Took out the Christmas decorations!
    I always think it's too early, but Christine insisted I take them out of the attic as soon as the trick or treaters left. Guess I'm getting a jump on the Christmas season this year!