Christopher got me signed up for The Face Book before he went off to college. There's so much cool stuff in there! Here's some of what I learned today.
  1. You can make your own lunchables for $16 a week!
    Wish I had known this when the kids were young! They couldn't get enough of those things. There sure are some crafty people on here!
  2. There's a Minion photo for everything!
    I don't remember them saying a lot of those things in the movie, but it sure is a hoot!
  3. I clicked like and share in a photo and now Amazon is going to send me a free $200 gift card!
    I gave them my email address, so I'm expecting it soon!
  4. That Calvin and Hobbes cartoon when Calvin is on pills sure is sad!
    Kids these days take too much medication. Speaking of which, Michelle, if you see this, mom is sending you your "happy pills" for the month. Please take them!
  5. That Texan clock boy is going to school in the Middle East!
    Good for him!
  6. That Ben Carson fella sure doesn't like the president!
    My cousin Merle keeps putting up photos from him. I wonder why there's so much bad blood?
  7. There are so many pictures from that Mexican hurricane!
    There's one with people scuba diving in the Mexican subway! So crazy!
  8. Some fella is sharing a lottery ticket on The Face Book! I hope he shares some with me!
  9. There's a marine stuck in Mexico, and Obama won't do anything to bring him home!
    Mr. Trump promises that he will if he gets elected president. Good luck, buddy!