I'm very happy Christine got me on here!
  1. Everyone is so nice!
    What a swell community of people on here!
  2. Lots of interesting people from places I've never been!
    New York and Los Angeles seem like a real hoot!
  3. So many stars!
    I keep telling my kids that the smart guy from the Steve Carole show follows me! I'm not sure they believe me.
  4. All sorts of recipe suggestions!
    Christine could learn a thing or two from some of these guys and gals. Not that I don't love her pot roast, but three times a week?
  5. Some real funny jokers on this site!
    I've heard enough new jokes to last me a lifetime of church barbecues. Funny doesn't have to be mean or use nasty words! But try telling THAT to my kids.
  6. I learn something new every few minutes!
    I'm not sure I approve of some of the language, but it sure is interesting learning how someone the same age as my kids think.