My favorite month of the year! So much to be excited for.
  1. Buying a Christmas Tree!
    My usual guy, Toby, isn't selling them this year on account of the bank seizing his property, so it looks like I'm buying it at Menards! I just hope they cleaned up all the blood from the last time I was there.
  2. Christmas Specials on TV!
    I love Rudolph, Frosty, and Snoopy! Why can't they make Christmas shows like this anymore? Must have something to do with those Starbucks cups I keep reading about on Facebook!
  3. The Christmas Pageant!
    I'm playing a wise man again this year! Not to brag, but quite a few people at St. Paul's say that I'm the highlight of their Christmas!
  4. Eggnog!
    My favorite holiday drink! I would drink it year round if I could, but my wife Christine says it's "weird."
  5. Christmas!
    My favorite holiday. After all that happened this year, it'll feel great to sit down with my family, open gifts, and check my daughter Michelle's purse to make sure she taking her antidepressants.