apps i love and/or use most often. try some doood
  1. PayPal
    80% of my income though that bruh
  2. My Apps
    yes it's an app called "My Apps" lol it's pretty much a locker for your pictures & videos. so whenever you open the app, it requires you to type a passcode. good place to store nudies
  3. VSCO
    photo editing app. secret: if you goto the VSCO store, you can download a ton of free filters that are WAAAAY better than the defaults
  4. Depop
    my secret one. literally the Instagram of buying/selling clothes. purchases are really quick & easy. really dope and has a small community.
  5. Notes
    probably my most used app. comes with every iPhone. all my thoughts, ideas, plans, lists, etc. i got a lot of weird shit in dare.
  6. Mint
    good way to manage your mula.
  7. The List App
    no filtered pictures & no 140 character limit. just lists.