I can barely get through my daily to do list but I might as well start thinking of things that I want to accomplish in 2016
  1. Expand my library- Read a book every week/ every two weeks if the book I am reading is long.
  2. Expand my palate- cook a meal I've never made once a week
  3. Stop eating meat. Stop drinking pop. (Except for when drinking crown and Coke, because let's be honest, I'll just feel guilty if I don't add this clause. No one likes feeling guilty)
  4. Take lessons on something. (Dancing, cooking, aerial yoga)
  5. Start a garden.
  6. Exercise more frequently.
  7. Try to only say nice things.
  8. Do not RSVP yes to things you don't want to do. Do not overcommit.
  9. Learn how to take a compliment/criticism without responding to the contrary of either.