Stuff that I would spend my free time doing
  1. #hashtag lunchbag
  2. Growing a kitchen garden.
  3. Ballroom dancing
  4. Sailing
  5. Cooking classes
  6. Traveling (that's a given)
  7. Party/event planning
  8. Learning another language
  9. Making lists
  10. Be the intern at TedTalks that had to watch all of the Ted Talks
  11. Be a professional scholar
  12. Do tai chi with the awesome elderly in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.
  13. Be a toy tester/buyer for Costco
  14. Go back to school for a degree in marketing because seriously why didn't someone warn me about majoring in political theory?
  15. Read anything on a "classics list" or everything on a "best sellers list"
  16. Cook a meal I've never cooked every day.
  17. Blog regularly (I usually only blog when I have liquid audacity)
  18. Study art
  19. Study architecture
  20. Learn how to use a legit camera and not just my iPhone with Instagram filters
  21. Invest more in the stock market
  22. Study astronomy and figure out how to be one of those people that moves to Mars.
  23. Own and operate a small scale healthy drive thru restaurant.
  24. Learn calligraphy
  25. Write a book
  26. Teach a class on the politics in the Harry Potter series.
  27. Become a wizard