1. Shooting the shit with kids before school, during lunch, and after school
  2. Running circulation reports at the end of each month that say ohhh yeah we checked out more books than this month last year and also ohhh yeah dataaaa
  3. Having a budget and just getting to like BUY BOOKS I WANT
  4. Covering new hardcover books with dust jackets so they're all shiny and perfect
  5. Doing book talks and then having all the books I talked about checked out immediately
  6. The discussions that were had in the classrooms where I talked about Banned Books Week this year
  7. Getting to wear a fancy cape and watch kids graduate
  8. Running the GSA
  9. Game Club
  10. Getting the tech guys to like and trust me
  11. Finding and giggling at and then deleting ridiculous old ass books
  12. Promoting the Young Readers' Choice Award
  13. Whenever a teacher says something really nice to me
  14. Organizing
  15. Having two offices, even if the one that actually feels like mine is a nightmare
  16. Feeling protective and proud of my high school library like it's a second home/my baby
  17. That one girl that comes in to look at The New York Times everyday, the only person who does
  18. Talking with Amy
  19. The super readers
  20. Having benefits and a salary and health care and stuff all for doing what I love
  21. When my vice principal walks over just to make a corny joke
  22. Whenever a student says something that genuinely makes me laugh
  23. March Book Madness and how into it everyone got
  24. Our tiny Scholastic Book Fair
  25. Getting to say I'm a librarian.