Bands With Different Names In The US

Music maybe the universal language, but sometimes a band's name changes from country to country. Inspired by an aside in a list by @Diplomatic_diva
  1. A3
    Alabama 3, best known for "The Sopranos" theme "Woke Up This Morning," changed their name in the US to A3 after legal action from Alabama. I remember their album being recalled so it must have been a late breaking change.
  2. Air (French Band)
    Changed to avoid a conflict wth a free jazz trio. I recall quite a number of people talking about that French band, Air back when they started. Current releases seem to just refer to them as Air.
  3. The Charlatans UK
    Added the UK to their name after being challenged by a 1960s-era band with the same name. Newer releases often drop the UK.
  4. The English Beat
    The Beat became the English Beat in the States to avoid a conflict with an American band.
  5. The London Suede
    Suede had a name change after a lawsuit from a lounge singer. This might have been after their first US tour.
  6. The Mission UK
    The Mission added UK to their name after trouble with a Philadelphia R&B band of the same name. Spotify currently lists their releases as just as The Mission.
  7. Yaz
    Yazoo ran in to trouble with a small North American band or a jazz label depending on your source. Despite the occasional track that is available digitally, the band kept its two different names during their 2011 reunion tour.