Depeche Mode Albums, Ranked

In celebration of DM's new album "Spirit" being released this week, I have ranked their albums with some suggested songs.
  1. Music For The Masses (1987)
    "Strangelove" "Never Let Me Down Again" "Behind The Wheel"
  2. Violator (1990)
    "Enjoy The Silence" "Personal Jesus" "Waiting For The Night"
  3. Black Celebration (1986)
    "Fly On The Windscreen" "Here Is The House" "But Not Tonight"
  4. A Broken Frame (1982)
    "Leave In Silence" "See You" "The Sun And The Rainfall"
  5. Some Great Reward (1984)
    "Somebody" "Stories Of Old" "Lie To Me"
  6. Songs Of Faith And Devotion (1993)
    "Walking In My Shoes" "One Caress" "I Feel You"
  7. Construction Time Again (1983)
    "Everything Counts" "Love, In Itself" "The Landscape Is Changing"
  8. Speak & Spell (1981)
    "Just Can't Get Enough" "Dreaming Of Me" "Photographic"
  9. Ultra (1997)
    "It's No Good" "Home" "Barrel Of A Gun"
  10. Playing The Angel (2005)
    "Precious" "Suffer Well" "A Pain That I'm Used To"
  11. Exciter (2001)
    "Dream On" "Freelove"
  12. Spirit (2017)
    "Where's The Revolution" "You Move"
  13. Sounds Of The Universe (2009)
    "Wrong" The string pad of doom on "Peace"
  14. Delta Machine (2013)