In Moby's autobiography "Porcelain" he meets an incredibly large amount of famous people. I decided this list came across as a bit mean, so I stopped at page 79, but trust me there are more famous people.
  1. Viggo Mortensen
    Met while helping film a student film. (p27)
  2. Ian MacKaye
    Singer of Minor Threat, after a show while a teenager. (p31)
  3. Willie Ninja
    The "Grandfather of Vogue" and star of the documentary "Paris is Burning". Met while deejaying. (p42)
  4. Michael Alig
    King of the New York club kid scene & focus of the film "Party Monster". Met while deejaying. (p61)
  5. DJ Keoki
    Self proclaimed super star dj was at Michael Alig's parties. (p62)
  6. 3rd Bass
    Hip hop act made a DJ booth visit. (p74)
  7. De La Soul
    Hip hop act made a DJ booth visit. (p74)
  8. Ultramagnetic MCs
    Hip hop act made a DJ booth visit. (p74)
  9. Darryl McDaniels
    Run-DMC mc made a DJ booth visit. (p74)
  10. Flea
    Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist was at a DJ gig. (p79)
  11. Anthony Kiedis
    Red Hot Chili Peppers singer was at a DJ gig. (p79)
  12. BONUS: Robert Downey Jr
    Revealed in the final pages of the book to be Moby's best friend in elementary school before Downey moved out of town.